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Rent a room and use all amenities and common spaces.

A proposition for companies starting in business and organisations with modest accommodation needs. By renting a room, you can use spaces available for all tenants free of charge. In this way, you will reduce costs and develop your business.


By renting a room in YouNick, you get access to the communal areas,, which include: meeting rooms with varying surface and equipment (printers, flipcharts, boards, audio equipment, etc.), kitchen facilities, creative work spaces, presentation and chill-out spaces, employee lockers, telephone booths and restrooms with showers.

Work in a friendly place. Use the services that will facilitate your work. Learn more about the HumaNick Program..

Standards of a room:

  • Individually controlled heating and air conditioning
  • Low-voltage networks, sockets located in under-sill trims
  • Access control
  • Opening windows
  • Aluminium and glass entrance doors
  • Raster lighting
  • Carpet
  • Company signs inside the building

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