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About us

Along with our partners—the Mindsailors design studio and the PozLab research and development centre—we create one-stop-shop for innovations where you will receive support in the product and service development from A to Z: from money for business development, through research and market tests, designing and prototyping, patent clearance verification, IP strategy development, to commercialisation.

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We develop innovative products and services by providing:

->  minimised formalities: simplified investment agreement, no business plans, no financial forecasts, no business valuation,

->  personnel support in research and analysis, sales, and management competences,

->  internal team expertise in the areas of User Research thanks to which we learn and test behaviours of consumers in the micro and macro scale,

->  an iterative approach to development of all elements of a business model allowing for faster and more efficient development of solutions that are desired on the market and elimination of those that do not work,

->  an international network of industry experts which is helpful in solving the most difficult problems in the area of technology, IP strategy, and sales.

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