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A place for science and business.

Modern laboratory and office spaces available for biomedical companies.


Space adapted to the requirements of SANEPID, GMP, GLP, HACAP, etc. The possibility of development and cost-optimisation by using space and equipment common to all laboratories, including:

  • washing room
  • refrigeration room
  • sterilisation room
  • personnel airlocks
  • connecting rooms equipped with safety showers
  • warehouses
  • analysis room
  • centrifuges room

Work in a friendly place. Use the services that will facilitate your work. Learn more about the HumaNick Program

Standards of the laboratories

  • individually controlled heating and air conditioning
  • dedicated air handling units, providing an appropriate amount of air changes depending on the process
  • system of four inputs and outputs allowing for a free design of the flow of people and substances
  • safety showers in the corridors
  • water and sewer installation, purified water installation, compressed air installation
  • technological sewage system – biological and chemical
  • the possibility of connecting sensitive devices to the central UPS
  • low-voltage networks, sockets located in the walls and under-sill trims


Biocentrum invites us, first of all, with its specialised laboratory space, equipment and a package of services dedicated to the development of our business.

Anna Krause

CEO at PozLab

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