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Classic office

Create a comfortable office for your company.

A solution for companies requiring separate working spaces for multiple small teams. Arrangement of space in the classical formula allows you to create small rooms while maintaining a high functionality and ease of arrangement of the office. Division of the area into rooms offers the possibility of an unrestricted movement of workstations in a designated space. The workstations are well-lighted by natural sunlight coming from the opening windows.



Reduce your office rental costs by using free communal areas in the form of: kitchens, meeting rooms, creative work zones, exhibition and chill-out zones, employee lockers, or sanitary facilities with showers.

Work in a friendly place. Use the services that will facilitate your work. Learn more about the HumaNick Program.


Standards of a classic office:

  • Functional installations: low-voltage networks, sockets located in the walls and under-sill trims
  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Classic heating
  • Access control
  • Plasterboard interior walls
  • Opening windows
  • Entrance doors
  • Interior doors
  • Dropped ceilings
  • Raster lighting
  • Carpet
  • Signs of your company – on the post located at the entrance and in the lobby of the building


BCC is one of the biggest IT companies in the region, and at the same time, one of the largest Polish experts in the IT services. YouNick creates an environment which gives us the opportunity to develop while providing services for the most demanding customers and, simultaneously, optimising business costs. An example is the BCC data centre located in YouNick. In this centre, we support not only large international companies, but also other companies operating in the area of YouNick Park.

Piotr Rogala

CFO of BCC Group


An exemplary interior arrangement for the classic office

Classic 340m2


Classic 144m2


See our new office building (no. 3)

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