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Work at YouNick

YouNick is a friendly place to work.
We create a people-friendly, unclichéd place that invites people to share all their ideas and gives freedom of action.
We focus on co-responsibility, partnership and sense of humour.
See what we offer and join us.



Getting there

Leave your car in the garage and get by bus from Poznań directly to YouNick.


Get inspired for changes thanks to meetings with extraordinary experts.


Read current press releases and popular books on an e-reader.

Language learning

Improve your foreign language with the SuperMemo method – with an instructor and on-line.


Take a break from your desk and catch a breath. Would you prefer swinging in a hammock or playing table football?


Sport means health! Be fit, whenever you want and wherever you want.


Breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee, or maybe a cake? With KarmNick, it will be a tasty day!


When you are working, a professional staff of the Nursery takes care of your little one.


In Ul, your pre-schooler will set off for an extraordinary, educational adventure

Medical care

Take care of yourself by using a private health care.

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